Summit's Swim-A-Thon

Goal: $24,000

Provide a year of enrichment:

When you sponsor student forums

that are beyond our financial reach

and spark curiosity and inquiry to create

up-close, unforgettable learning experiences.

Swim-A-Thon Starts May 6

School assembly programs are a invaluable resource for students, breaking up their day-to-day classroom routine and providing an exciting new environment for them to learn, reflect, and grow as individuals. They offer students important life skills that they won’t always find in the classroom.


A successful school assembly has the power to transform lives: it captures its young audience and fills their hearts and minds with powerful, hopeful energy, along with ways to direct that energy into positive change.


This year, when we meet our Swim-A-Thon goal, we will be able to go beyond basics and bring our students important programs that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience and would not find anywhere else but in our school. We understand the importance of engaging up-close and personal experiences for your children, but so many of these programs are financially beyond our reach. Your support will help to make this all possible across an expanse of topics to provide a year of enrichment that will truly be impactful. Here are some of the events that we know will be of interest to our students, ranging from science to core values to performing arts:



Students want to bring back the BioBus, a mobile science lab where students can be hands-on in their explorations. The BioBus first visited Summit’s Lower School in 2019 thanks to the joint support of our Parents’ Association.



Motivational program to help students learn to “be the change.”


Performing Arts

An impactful way to learn about new cultures, teamwork, and how to express yourself.


And so many more!

Join our students as they make a big splash for Summit.




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